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Household vacuum packing machine

2016-02-26 10:10

== Product description
1. DZ-300A household vacuum sealing machine's ability of vacuum exhausting is very well. It is applicable to the vacuum packaging of plastic bags, foil bags and synthetical bags.

2. It is digital control the heat time, and can alarming automatically when it is over heat. 

3. This machine has the advantage of small size, simple component, easy operating.

4. Food packed by this machine can extend its fresh protecting time. It protects the food in refrigerator from corrosion, water evaporation and split.

== Technical parameters

Model DZ-300A
Vacuum capacity 0.035 Mpa
Width of sealing 40-300mm 
Power source AC 220V/50-60Hz
Sealing time Number display, and auto control
Machine size 370*140*73 mm
Weight 2.5 kg

== Packing result

== More related informations

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