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2016-02-26 10:07

== Product information:

1. DZ series vacuum packing machine is mainly used to the vacuum package of solid, food, meat, grain, etc. in foodstuff, medicines, typical products, aquatic products, chemical material and so on to protect them from deterioration and prolong its warranty time.

2. Applicable to the vacuum package of various electronic products (semiconductor, circuit board, IC and so on) and metal hardware to be protected from dampness, moisture and oxidation resistance.

3. Stainless steel shell, control board adopts touch button, set the packing parameter in advance, then press the vacuum cover to do the whole process automatically.

4. this kinds of the machine is very small type and weight, very easy to operate and very suitable for home use.

== Technical parameter

Model  DZQ-400
Chamber Size  400*400*70mm
Packing capacity 3~4r/n
seal dimensions 400*10*2mm
Speed of pumping  20m3/h
Volt  220~380v±10% 50hz
Power  0.75kw
Machine size  520*490*1000mm
Weight  78kg

== Packing result

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