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Toilet cleaner filling machine ,corrosive liquid filler mach

2017-02-22 14:43

Toilet cleaner filling machine ,corrosive liquid filler machine,clean lavatory spirit filler 
Filling Numbers: 2
Filling quantity: 250-1000 (ml)
Production capacity: 20 to 50 (cans/min)
Filling accuracy: 1 (%)
Air pressure: 0.6 MPA
Working pressure: 0.1-0.5 MPA
Host size: 450 * 450 * 1650 (mm)
The applicable objects cleaning, washing supplies
For chemical industry, daily chemical
Material type liquid
This equipment is designed for clean lavatory spirit strongly acidic materials such as filling, designed the whole machine and material contact parts are all made of PVC material, without any metal parts. Shell stainless steel covered with a protective film, avoid being acidic corrosion, equipment is equipped with suction tube, can automatic suction material filling, eliminating the packing steps, large diameter, filling the mouth with cylinder filling every time after the completion of the breath automatically block, prevent dripping. Adopting the combination way, oil cylinder and the cylinder filling more smooth and stable, to prevent spillage.

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