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All kinds of liquid magnetic pump filling machine

2016-02-26 10:47
== Technical parameter


YG-I liquid filling machine


220V 50/60Hz 40W

Filling range

more than 1ml

Filling accuracy

less than ±1%




20 KG

== Machine production

1. Still water filling machine pump head is made by stainless, with acid proof, anticorrosive, wildly used and suitable for any kinds of liquid, especially it used for oils, washing liquid, Acid and Base liquid, high corrosive fluid.

2. Still water filling machine use inverter operate, keep high filling accuracy.         

3. The filling time can be accurate to 0.01 second, so as to ensure the filling accuracy, the error is less than 1%

4. You can operate still water filling machine by hand or pedal ,Automatic intermittent filling, intermittent time can be adjusted.

5. Still water filling machine easy to operate, with1year guaranntee and lifelong maintain. If any parts break, we shall provide the spare parts for free.

6. Still water filling machine is time control,no limited for the filling range.
== Filling effect

== More filling machines


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