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Aerosol automatic filling line

2016-01-07 13:52

Working process:
Can arrange table-----Liquid filling----Valve inserting----Sealing&propellant filling----Nozzle pressing-Big cap pressing--- Ink printer---other packing system
YSJX-2800B Type Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine Production Line is manufactured based on the combination of advanced foreign technology and domestic aerosol filling industry development.Famous in providing efficient and accurate performance. It can bottle the “horse mouth” metal can with the international standard of 1 inch diameter and aluminum type spray bottle.
YSJX-2800B Fully automatic aerosol filling machine is widely used to fill such products in food, medicine, sanitation, automobile, environmental protection, fire protection and daily necessities, such as hair spray, air cleaning spray, healthcare, insecticides, disinfectants, extinguishing agent, carburetor detergent, spray paint, gas lighter and polyurethane foam and other propellant. 
YSJX-2800B  Type Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine adapts origin Japanese (SMC and CKD) and Italian (METAL WORK) pneumatic components; cylinder gasket ring adapts import material. YSJX-2800B Type Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine has accuracy of ±1%. YSJX-2800B Type Fully Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine has own good reputation of being reliable ,easy handling and easy maintenance, In addition, its main technical specifications are the same as imported products.
①  Can arrange machine, it consists of seven flat-roofed conveyor belts, one of them connected with production line. it can automatically arrange cans and feed the filling line on the stainless conveyor belt. It has explosion-proof motor and is available to change the speed at any time. The motor power is 0.55 Kw。The key technology of can arrange machine lies in the seven conveyor belts run in the same direction but with three different speeds, namely differential motion principle. When more aerosol cans move toward one direction, they will not run in parallel with 2, 3, or 4 cans, but become a straight line to run in parallel, and form can-blocking and can-jamming. Moreover, the double ejector rod cylinder in one side of unscrambler’s guardrail twisted in reciprocating motion to stimulate an intelligent function. It can allocate double ejector rod cylinder to run smoothly, and the cylinder operation connects with filling machine. When filling machine operating, the bottler unscrambler is also twisting accordingly. In this way, the filling speed can keep pace with filling speed, which avoids extruding among aerosol cans and damaging surface paint and gloss of the cans. It mainly adopts 0.55KW/380V anti-explosion motors equipped with stepless speed control device in transmission parts, also equipped with an explosion-proof switch, which is safe, reliable, and convenient to open. 

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