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Automatic six head pesticides filling machine

2015-11-28 14:44


                Automatic six head pesticides filling line

1, 200-1000ml within the scope of any dose are filling, replacement dose just to slightly adjust in the filling station without having to change the bottle type;
2, the lubricating oil filling machine adopts the conveyor belt in and out of the bottle, PLC microcomputer control system, photoelectric inductor control, pneumatic operation, Chinese touch screen control, high degree of automation.This machine can automatic bottle filling, no bottle or bottle filling, not single person can easily operate the whole assembly line, no professional skills requirements to operators
3, the type of the machine for chemical industry and beverage liquid, made of high quality stainless steel (316), anti-corrosion wear-resistant.The main electrical components adopt contract supply a famous manufacturer, reliable performance;Plastic parts also use high quality products.Interested can contact customer service for detailed parts list.
4, this machine filling head position can be adjusted according to the shape of the size of the filling containers, to adapt to the need of diversification, change the container just slightly adjusted, eliminating the replacement of the trouble and cost of the mould;Filling head filling is diving into the bottle, is filling the vacuum suction back, to prevent the filling of liquid materials splashed dripping;Lubricating oil filling machine filling velocity and filling dosage are adjustable, accuracy of 0.5%.
Filling accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%
Bottle diameter: 2.5 cm above
Bottle: 10 -- 30 cm
Filling range: 200-1000 ml
Power: 220 v
The host weight: 160 kg
The machine size: 1100 * 800 * 2100 mm

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