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Chili oil/ketchup packing machine

2017-05-27 09:43

Product features:

1) agitator chilli oil bags packaging machinery using auxiliary air compressor, since customers need with an air compressor, directly in the local hardware store to buy can directly use 220 v voltage can be fully automatic packaging, the operation is simple, convenient and effective to provide work efficiency Save artificial packaging costs. 110 v60hz (customizable)

2) the machine adopts hydraulic cylinder quantitative measurement, quantitative precision, with double temperature independent control of the sealing, sealing closely, without manual operation, the material liquid pour mechanical automatic quantitative packing seal, a series of complete, is each big processors capable good helper

More than 3) functional packaging, applicable to each big industry use, packaging of liquid, paste, milk, tomato sauce, chili oil, hot pot bed charge, milk, beverage, soya-bean milk, boiled water, shampoo, food, liquid, chemical liquid, medicine liquid, etc... Best characterized with horizontal mixing, can mix liquid items such as sauce, suitable for packing for chili oil liquid mix with hot pepper seeds, sauce barbeque sauce ketchup items such as packaging, specific can consult customer service staff


A bag of chili oil packaging machine for stirring bag; Compound membrane transparent bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic bag, various hot sealing bag, etc.


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