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2015-12-30 11:56

The applicable scope of the packing machine:
Suitable for packing various kinds of pepper, flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, etc. Various kinds of powder.
practical and reliable equipment technical characteristics and parameters:
1. Touch the membrane in both English and Chinese screen display, intuitive and simple.
2. PLC computer control system, running more stable, don't stop any parameters adjustment.
3. Can store 10 groups parameters, replace the varieties more accurately.
4. Adopt servo motor to pull touch, more accurate positioning.
5. Independent temperature control system, precision of + / - 1 ℃ degree.
6. Transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control independently, can good for all kinds of composite film, PE film packaging materials, etc.
7. The design of packaging diversification, back closure, Angle, even the bags, punching, etc.
8. The production of bag making, sealing, packing, date printing one-time finish.
9. The working environment clean, low noise.
Model YS-4230
Bag length 60-300mm(L)
Bag width 60-200mm(W)
Max width of roll film 420mm
packing material OPP/CPP、OPP/PE、PET/PE
Packing speed 5-60bag/min
Measuring range 20-1000g
Air consumption 0.65mpa
Gas consumption 0.4㎡/min
Power voltage 220V/AC 50HZ
Power 3KW
Dimension (L)1117mm×(w)1412mm×(H)1800mm
Deadwight machine 550kg

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