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Candy automatic packing machine

2015-12-11 16:17
Uses: Can be suitable for circular, rectangular, square, cylindrical toffee, toffee, pouring hard candy, pressed candy and other bulk materials pillow packaging. 
computer programming, photoelectric automatic tracking. 
Touch screen plus servo motor control systems. 
Frequency control, stable operation.                   
Reversible outsize candy dish, so that the empty package rate is greatly reduced. 
The main technical parameters:
Production capacity "800 / min
Packing Long (45-80,60-110) (mm) 
 Width 16-35 (mm) 
 thick 6-12 (mm)
The maximum film width 140mm
Total power 3.5Kw
Dimensions (L * W * H): 3800 * 1350 * 1450 (mm)
Weight 980Kg
power supply AC220V


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